A2Z Photography at BVE 2014

BVE LOGOBVE 25th-27th Feb 2014 – Its an interesting time in the media world with the convergence of videography and photography upon us, and as such, its only right to stay ahead of the game, and check out what’s available in the market today. 4k dslr, Cinematic prime lenses and state of the art continuous light sources are paving the way for this emergence, and its something that we’re very interested in!

One of the highlights for us at A2Z Photography is that Simeon Quarrie of Vivida will be at the show representing Canon, so we can’t wait to catch up with him for a chat and some advice.
if you’re planning on popping down, why not touch base with us, and we’d love to go in a group…. remember, the more of us there are together, the more buying power we have collectively! 😉

link to the BVE 2014 show

Whats on our shopping list for the show!??!?….. hmmmm….. well, lets just say, its time for a few primes to enter our permanent arsenal of gear! along with some new lighting and stabilization equipment. Maybe a new tripod with a fluid head… Manfroto ofcourse! Get familiar with the A2Z Photography team and see who you can recognize at the show.

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