About Us

“By adopting a philosophy of thinking outside the box, as a team we aim to capture, unique, captivating moments which last a life time!”

- Areez Charania, Founder and Senior Photographer at A2Z Photography

A2Z Photography was born from a single idea and concept, that a group of professionals, each with their own unique, individual, creative style and talents can come together under one umbrella & vision to offer a competitive and cutting edge service. Lead by Areez Charania, A2Z Photography is one of London’s leading and premier photography companies servicing all forms of industries.

As story tellers we aspire to capture the awe inspiring magical moments & details created at your event, be it your wedding,  birthday, engagement or graduation.

We choose not to be the type of professionals who flick their camera to P (for professional.. hmmm), instead we shoot everything in Manual, in RAW format, and post produce every single image individually and uniquely. Every single image goes through a colour balancing, white balancing, sharpening, contrast adjustment, exposure, fill light, luminance, clarity, vignetting and this is all before we even move to the retouching of an image. We take pride in what we are and what we offer. A professional standard of service, which is second to none!

When shooting we adopt a number of professional techniques. Exposure triangle, rule of thirds, creative off camera lighting

He who controls the light, controls the creativity!


We're not your normal photographer; we think outside that box to capture the perfect inspirational moment!


All our project are unique and bespoke to you. Whatever you require, we'll do our best to provide!


Quality takes time to perfect! We have years of experience within our team and shines through our imagery.


We'll capture the moments that will last forever! We take pride in what we do to make sure you get what is required.


Our team is made up of a collective of photographers who each bring their own expertise, style and experience base. Our photographers are well versed in advanced photography principles, and bring these skills to the table with every project, and commission we undertake.

Having been shooting since the days of 35mm and developing in minilabs and darkrooms, our photographers, have been shooting for over 2 decades. Some of our earliest experiences began with shooting for companies such as The London Dungeons, Tooley Street, London, and The National Sea Life Centre In Birmingham back in 1998 (Areez). Our days in photography pre-date this milestone, however this was the first professional commission our photography team have under their belt, with a host of negative slides used on their first website to evidence this.

Our teams have shot across every continent in the world and captured a variety of memories and projects internationally. Shooting in uncomfortable environments, A2Z Photographers have recently completed a charity project commissioned in Goa, India. El Shaddai (www.elshaddaigoa.org) were the charity who have benefited from a host of refreshed stock photography for marketing usage. A2Z Photography have also managed to secure a revamped website for the charity, thanks to our partnership and affiliation with Just Website SEO (www.justwebsiteseo.com).

A2Z photographers are experienced in shooting a multitude of environments ranging from the professional studio, through to high pressure events at weddings and awards ceremonies. Our experience focuses our skillsets and knowledge on harnessing the light available and controlling it, in order to create the most story telling picture possible. We believe in capturing perfect photography in camera, before our work is post produced back in the edit suite.

Being fully competent and versed with a host of photography techniques, A2Z Photographers aim to focus our energies on producing creative, innovative and breath taking images.
A2Z Photography – “Thinking outside the box, but inside the frame!”

Our Team

Areez CharaniaAreez Charania: Proprietor and Head Photographer of A2Z Photography. An active member of the media community since his tender formative years, Areez is a musician, multimedia designer, marketeer and foremost a formidable photographer. Having a background in multimedia design, all retouching and post-production is solely handled by this multi-disciplined media specialist.

To read more about Areez, click here
Simon_TatlerSimon Tatler: Senior Photographer, and creative visionary. An eclectic, wise, creative genius. Simon is an invaluable member of the A2Z Photography team covering a multitude of weddings, events and studio shoots. From The Hippodrome Casino in London (Miss Greater London 2013, Miss Asian Model 2013) through to stately manors and park mansions, Simon is a gentleman and a top photographer within the A2Z Photography Team.

Read more about Simon Tatler here
Jamil TejaJamil Teja: Second Photographer & First Videographer (fusion shoots). A talented graduate in BSC Photography & Videography from De Montfort University 2013. Jamil is a multi-disciplined media specialist with talents in both photography and videography. Understanding the full process from concept through to production, Jamil brings and intrinsic media orientated and refreshing eye to every project.

Read more about Jamil Teja here
Ayad AdaniAyad Al-Adnani: Second Wedding Photographer & Senior Studio Photographer. Ayad has a unique vision, and directing style which prides on being non intrusive. Working around and to the style of the shoot, Ayad’s keen eye is superb in identifying lighting and composition issues before they arise.

Read more about Ayad Al-Adnani here


Camera Bodies

Canon 5D Mark III cameras x 2
Canon 7D

Canon C100 mk2 x2
Canon C100 mk1 x1

Canon 70-200mm f2.8L IS
Canon 100mm Macro f2.8 L IS x2
Canon 24-105mmL f4 IS x 3
Canon 24-70mmL f2.8 IS x 3
Canon 17-40mm f4 L MK I
Canon 16-35mm f2.8 L Mk II
Canon 50mm 1.2 L
Canon 35mm f1.4 L
Canon 85mm 1.2 L MK II
Canon 24mm 1.4 MK L II
Canon 15mm Fisheye
Canon 1.4x extender

Godox AD200 remote trigger lighting
Canon 580EX II Flash x 2
Canon 550 EX I Flash x 2
Jerry Ghionis Icelight
Garry Fong Lumispshere diffuser
Flash Benders (X large) x 2
Portable speedlight stands x 3 & variety of umbrellas
Transceiver remote triggers x 8
Lexar Professional 64GB 233x UDMA CF cards
Sandisk Ultra 64GB CF cards
Lexar Professional USB 3.0 card readers

Gitzo tripod& head
Mafrotto Monopod & head
(Selection of UV, ND,CPL, and effects filters)
Zhiyun Gimbal, DJI Ronin M gimbal, Sachtler tripods
Edelkrone Slider & Action module
Arri 300 Watt fresnel lights
Selection of LED panels and ring lights

DJI Mavic Pro
DJI Phantom 3 Pro
CAA PfCO and Insured (Licensed & Insured for commercial flight)
Computer hardware and software

Apple IMacs x 2 (27" i7 32gb ram)
Adobe Creative Cloud (full subscrption)
Adobe Lightroom
Quark Express
Capture One suite

Lacie USB3.0 4tb hard drives x3
Drobo drive enclosures & 60tb of drives x2
Gtech 8tb HD x2
Large format A1 Epson Printer (Capable of Canvases, large posters and prints)

35 Square foot private studio space
Bowens, Gemini 500 x 4
Octobox, Softbox, Umbrellas, coloured gels, reflectors, and a wide range of light modifiers available.
6 ft x 10 ft back drop (white & Black… other colours sourced to requirements)
Sekonic L-308S light meter