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A2Z Photography, has been a natural progression from the early years of photography I undertook on behalf of other wedding photography operators in the market place.

Long before these days of digital photography, I first picked up my father’s Canon AE-1 program at a young tender age of 10. Having received access to such a camera, my taste and thirst for photography began. Every family meet up, every family engagement or wedding, Areez would be the designated family photographer, and my father would be the designated family videographer.  Needless to say, thru the 90’s my family saved a lot of money on photography and videography.

Continuing with the passion for photography thru my teenage years, and learning to shoot on my trusted 35mm Canon, we move on a few years to Uni. I went on to study photography as part of my Multimedia Technology Degree, which I obtained from the University of Central England (U.C.E) in 2000.

Upon graduating, although photography was not my primary direction, it remained my primary passion. I moved through my career as a graphic designer, typesetter, desktop publisher, marketing assistant, and this was when I studied further to achieve my ACIM (Associate of the Chartered Institute of Marketing) in 2004.  The launch pad to my career, and direction back towards photography. I went on to work for Blackberry as a Retail Marketing Specialist and assisted 25 EMEA marketing managers across the EMEA to launch BlackBerry in to the Prosumer market space (as opposed to purely being a business offering prior to this).

An Image Is Not Just An Image. It’s a means of expression from the imagemaker as well as the subject! A hundred and one emotions, captured in a moment… for ever!…..

- Areez Charania
 Marketing campaigns, new designs, photographic projects, a host of skillsets were called upon. Enjoying my contracted role, I went on to achieve what I was hired for, and moved on to work for a marketing agency, Red Horse Marketing. It was here that I supported the activity of FMCG brands such as Del Monte, Hipp Organic, Ecover, Emmas Diary and such like. Once again, aside of the design and marketing tasks, other assignments which caught my attention was the need for high end photographic content for all marketing materials, and here began my journey back to photography. Investment in 2 x Canon 5d mk2, full frame DSLRs ensued, and from here as they say the rest is history. After 2 years in my role, and once ready to seek a new challenge, I took the plunge and ventured in to photography full time.

Working for 3 national photography companies covering weddings across the UK, and undertaking personal assignments, I have developed in to a photographer who takes pride in every shoot I undertake. I research every shooting location, and create storyboards prior to every major shoot. My aim in to go above and beyond in every project and shoot undertaken using my creative vision, and personal style to create images which are very difficult to re-create, and unique to the event shooting at.

When it comes to the wedding photography I cover, I take this very personally and passionately. This is my method and means of leaving, my style, my mark and my vision with my clients. An ability to express my eye to the rest of the world. Its an arena that I love and as a wedding photographer based in London, I naturally come across a multitude of people from various different faiths. Hindu, Muslim, Jewish, Christian, Catholic, I have been entrust my many couple to record their magical special days in the ways I bring to the table. Staying abreast of technology, and innovation, its always a must for me to bring my A game to the table when taking on weddings or any other bookings for that matter.

More About Me


18 years experience in Graphic design, & 15 years professional photography experience

Background and 17 years experience in graphic design, typography desktop publishing, and Marketing (ACIM qualified)
Numerous Creative modeling shoots – studio & location based
Commercial photography for clients including: BlackBerry, Del Monte, HiPP Organic, and Ecover
200+ weddings, parties, private functions, and events

Sample of events which include:
In house resident photographer for Barnet FC (The Hive) 2013-2014
Asian Awards 2014
London Fashion Week 2014
The Lime Light Film Awards @ The Troxy, London -2013, 2012
Miss Asian Model UK @ The Hippodrome, Leicester Sq, London 2013
Miss Greater London @ The Hippodrome, Leicester Sq, London 2013
Gumball 3000 Rally – Toronto - 2012
London Fashion Week - 2011, 2012 & 2013
Dance-o-Phrenics Annual Showcase @ Cavendish Banqueting Suite 2012
Queens Diamond Jubilee Floatilla on The Thames, London – 2012
World Partnership Walk – Toronto 2012
The Asian Achievers Awards @ Wembley Stadium, London – 2010, 2011
Da Amsterdam Champagne Cruise with the Heartless Crew 2011 & 2010
The Asian Awards @ Grosvenor House 2010
Opening of the Crowne Plaza Heythrope Park, By PM – David Cameron - 2010
Janmashtami 2010
Nia Foundation Charity Football Tournament @ The Hive – 2010
Diwali on the Square 2010 & 2009
BAPS Diwali Celebrations 2009
Notting Hill Carnival 2010 & 2009
Nando’s Xperimental Skate Jam 2009

A Bit More


Playing American & English Pool, & indulging in a spot of fine dining and theater

Countries Visited

America, Canada, Jamaica, Bahamas, India, South Africa, Tunisia, Turkey, France, Spain, Holland, Germany, Ireland, Tenerife.

If you could have dinner with 4 people dead or alive who would they be?:

1) Grandfather one (Mums side - never met him)
2) Grandfather two (Dad's side - never met him)
3) Mum & Dad (Gonna count them as one entity so I can have one more guest at the table
4) My brother (I'm sure he'd love to meet them just as much as me!)

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