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Jamil Teja - A2Z Photography

My interest in photography began at the age of 14 when my Aunt and Uncle gave me a small film camera, where by I would take pictures of my family and friends, this lead me to being involved in my year 11 year book presentation which furthermore spurred my interest in photography.

Moving on to 6th form I went onto study maths and physics and the head of 6th form recommended I study photography as well. I enjoyed studying all 3 subjects but photography became my primary focus and interest, which I then took to college where I added a National Diploma in Media to my studies in addition to photography.

During my college years my passion for photography fully took off, I was contracted as a freelance photographer for many events during this time which enhanced my studies as I was able to apply my knowledge to a professional environment but also learn lessons along the way. During college I was also interested in Videography and decided to bring the two together at university.

At University I established myself as an artist and my work began to sway towards high-end productions, I was able to utilise many lights within my photoshoots to set different moods and tones in my images, my video work and skill level improved as I collaborated with my peers to create visually interesting and meaningful pieces of work to meet a range of briefs within my first and second year and lead to working with a local women’s charity to produce a body of imagery.

In my third year I decided to focus purely on producing a body of still images which would be exhibited at the end of the year, over the year I became involved in many of the societies at the university and worked with them on many university events such as the Christmas Alzheimer’s Fundraiser and the Pharmacy Ball, I was also contacted by local businesses and contracted to produce imagery on their behalf. Since Graduating my work has been exhibited at the university and also at Free Range located in Brick Lane, London. Having joined A2Z Photography at an early stage in my career I aim to bring my skills sets to the table where I can apply all my academic knowledge to the real life working environment. The first year of working hand in hand with the team has been informative and eye opening and I can’t wait for the future collaborations to keep rolling on in.

More About Me


3 years as a pro-photographer, and 6 years as an enthusiast photographer.

12 weddings professionally, and 46 national community events.
A Bit More

Basketball, clubbing, making short films and documentaries

Countries visited:
America, Canada, Paris

If you could have dinner with 4 people dead or alive who would they be?

1- Robin Williams
2- Chris rock
3- My Girlfriend
4- My Sister
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