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Simon_Tatler-A2Z_PhotographyFor me A2Z Photography has proven to be an opportunity to redefine my career as a creative and as an individual. Having been in the technology sectors for a vast number of years (more than I would care to mention), and been faced with a situation where I wanted a fresh challenge, I embarked upon turning what has been for many years a pass time and hobby, in to a new career path.

I still remember the days of going on family outings and seeing the old film camera passed from pillar to post, and me eventually getting my opportunity to shoot. I found it mesmerizing, and enchanting, to be able to capture our wonderful precious memories in a click. Hence I continued to shoot whilst travelling on the back of a bike across Australia, and then on through America. I’m fond of travel and had always aimed to see the world. My only regret is that my trusted D-SLR hadn’t been invented at this point to the levels we see today. When my film camera broke down on one outing, it unfortunately never got repaired, and a lot of my travels are as such undocumented. This is my one MAJOR life regret, and as such, i aim to make up for it, over the foreseeable future. Roll on a few years, and my paths crossed with Areez. A facinating chap with a wealth of knowledge on the media industry as a whole. He spoke of all the stories he had from the various bookings he had covered, and he had me hooked. I wanted to join A2Z Photography and enjoy some of the delights he spoke of. And rest assured, I have never been disappointed to date.

More About Me


5 years as a pro-photographer, and 10 years as an enthusiast photographer.

In excess of 20 Weddings, and 30 national events.

Sample of events which include:
The Emerald Ball in aid of Focus humanitarian Assistance: November 2013
Ace Café Stunt and Streetfighter Show @ Wembley Stadium – July 2013
The Lime Light Film Awards @ The Troxy, London -2013, 2012
Miss Asian Model UK @ The Hippodrome, Leicester Sq, London 2013
Miss Greater London @ The Hippodrome, Leicester Sq, London 2013
A Bit More


Motor bikes, country pubs, travelling, and enjoring life to the maximum

Countries visited:
America, Australia, Various destinations across Europe.

If you could have dinner with 4 people dead or alive who would they be?
1- Margret Thatcher
2- Hitler
3- Aristotle
4- Willie Nelson
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