4k Videography DSLR?!

4k Videography – Death of the photographer or new opportunities?!

This is our first take on the advent of the 4k dslr camera. A lot has been happening in the industry since the advent of the 5d mk2 and its videography and photography capabilities all in one. Some called it the dawn of a new era, others went  and cowered under a rock, but those of us who pride ourselves on being innovators and pioneers in new technology, embraced the change and run with it.Now we are in no way or means proclaiming to be fully fledged videographers at heart and recognise that photography is a primary focus in the industry, however a time has come where “fusion” is becoming more accepted, and cameras are becoming more powerful. These two factors hand in had, automatically mean, we either keep up with the shift and trends or get left behind. So when Canon released the Canon 1d-c, we knew it was a total game changer for the future.

Canon EOS-1D C

Superb 4k movies, stunning stills – one camera

A groundbreaking multimedia camera that excels at both stills and movie shooting, EOS-1D C brings 4k movies and advanced video functions like Canon Log Gamma to a high performance DSLR body.

  • 4k movies
  • 1080p at 50/60fps; Canon Log Gamma
  • Uncompressed HDMI output at Full HD 8bit 4.2.2
  • 18.1 MP Full Frame CMOS
  • Up to 12fps and 14fps stills
  • 61 point AF system
  • ISO range 100-25600
  • Dual DIGIC 5+ processors
  • Clear View II 8.1cm (3.2”) LCD
  • EF and EF Cine lens compatible

We’ve been watching all the footage captured by the beast of a camera, and at around £9,000.00 its not a cheap piece of kit at that either. To us at A2Z Photography, this advent of technology makes no difference here and now immediately. Yes we know that still can be extracted from the footage at little or no loss, yes we understand about Abrham Geoff’s insight in to the micro expression and how avatar was directed upon this concept, however. Do these videographers understand about composition, how light effects and sets the mood of a specific shot. Its not a case of throw up a large halogen light, shoot it and then extract. without the raws, how would one edit the photos to the same quality and control modern day photographers do. Hence we’re not threatened by videographers turning their hand to photography. We welcome this, so they may see just how difficult it is to capture one single frame rather than 24/30 frames per second (or any other frame rate!).

A number of questions arise, however, for the future, its obvious that “convergence” is occurring in the industry at a faster rate than ever expected, and once more its a case of offer all services or get left behind. This is why, at A2Z Photography we have a number of affiliate videographers and editors, whom we work with regularly. We are happy to quote you primarily for Photography coverage, and then if videography is also required, we can discuss your needs further a find solutions to cater for your every need and desire. For the future, we will definitely be bringing this side of the media offering in-house. However all good things done well, will take time, and this is why we pride ourselves on our quality and finish, rather than running in and jumping in the deep end head first.

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