Getting ready to shoot in the A2Z studio

As always its a pleasure to receive family shoot enquiries…. and here is an example of such an event happening.

We arranged a shoot with Ayesha Charania and Hussein Somji a couple of months ago, and it went fabulously. We produced some phenomenal results which can be viewed here: A2Z Baby Shoot with Aydin, Hussein & Ayesha

So fast forward a month, and 2000 views later on facebook , we have had an enquiry from Ngozi, a friend of Ayesha’s with regards to a family photoshoot. Planned for today…… time to get things in order……
We have been organising the studio, and getting the extra kit out of the way, and here we go:


A2Z Studio_Set_up

We can’t wait to share the results…. so watch this space!!! Today we deploy the Brand new Canon 5dmk3 and 24-105mm L 🙂

A2Z Photography always on hand to provide a bespoke service, where no two clients are exactly the same! Thinking outside the box, but inside the frame!



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