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Wow, What a show!! For us at A2Z Photography, this was the first time we attended for multiple days, and was in actual fact our 5th consecutive show that we were in attendance of. Over the years, we have gone from buying a few accessories to buying full kits at the show. What was once a dim and distant memory called Focus on imaging, was now superseeded by a younger sleeker model….The photography Show 2014!

Both Areez & Simon went up to the NEC and spent Monday and Tuesday exploring the fruits of the show!:

Areez: Having Scoped the show for the previous couple of months, and with a shopping list (or should I say wish list), the length of my arm, this was (needless to say), a long awaited show! Over the last year, I have come across numerous pieces of kit, that I have wanted to invest in, but picking it up at the show, makes the visit up there so much more worth while. Never one to pay the full asking price, even at the discounted prices, there were bargains and negotiations to be had.


There were a number of major highlights throughout the show, but there are a few that above all stand out for me. First of all, meeting up with Simeon Quarrie of Vivida, and having the opportunity to bounce ideas, concepts and techie advice was a dream come true. Other highlights, included bargaining with Dean @ LCE (London Camera Exchange).. what a top guy. Ontop of the already discounted Manfroto prices, he was kind enough to give me a little more when asking, and as ever I got a little carried away….. we ended or should I say I ended up grabbing: 1 x Manfroto Tripod, 1 x Manfroto Monopod, 3 x Manfroto 500ah fluid Heads, Manfroto carry bags, a 32gb Scandisk cf and 2 x Canon Artisan Shoulder bags. Also happened to drop in on Calumet where I loaded up on a Canon EOS M, 1 x westcotte Ice Light (to supplement the one I picked up at BVE), a Rogue Flashbender Master Kit, and a couple of memory cards. Along the way, I also stumbled upon a A3 Wacom intuos Graphic Tablet, which is amazing to use! The short cut buttons on the left are user friendly and I’m slowly getting used to the scroll wheel with its multiple functions. Also stumbled across an LED Macro ring light, which I cant wait to use in the field (HDR-3000), running on sony NPF batteries. First time I’ve ordered these batteries in a very long time!!

So all in all quite a beneficial visit to the show!One other highlight was meeting Claire of Future publishing. What a lovely lady! Good luck with organising the nest show, and hope it goes from strength to strength. We enjoyed a drink at the Pro photographers networking evening. Slightly under subscribed, but that left the bar open for us to enjoy for the whole night. Simeon also managed to make it down, which meant we all got a chance to have a drink together!

Only regrets from the show, is that Park Cameras were not in attendance. I always seem to grab a deal from these guys, and they never fail to impress. I gave them a call last week, and they have given us a phenomenal price on a Manfroto Sympla Shoulder Rig, Digital Follow Focus, and LED. Cant wait to receive it in the next couple of weeks 🙂 And secondly I never found my 35mm prime lens at the show. I saw the 35mm sigma art range lens, but I wasn’t  sure about it, when I saw it on my camera and felt it in hand. I was betraying my full allegiance and loyalty to Canon. As soon as I returned back to London, I placed my order for a Canon 35mm f1.4L and just received it on Monday. What a peachy dream! Best maneuver I could of made!

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