Asian Awards 2010 – Grosvenor House

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Asian_Awards_2010_event_A2Z-PhotographyWith a flourishing relationship in place with Liger Television, and having demonstrated how we were more than capable to shoot under high pressure situations, we were invited to join the Liger Television team on shoot at the Grosvenor House, Park Lane London for the Asian Awards 2010.


With a number of high profile celebrities expected, we were offered two opportunities to capture any shots if we were able to battle against the other 30 photographers already in place.  The first of these opportunities was to be on the reg carpet entrance as the guests arrived at the venue.


The second was to be in the media tent, straight after the awards. It was at this point we were offered the chance to capture any shots of the awards winners. Once again with a battle to capture the celeb’s attention in place, we found that Areez, our senior photographer was able to use his height to come over the other photographers; call out the celeb’s name, and snap two clean shots, before disappearing and leaving the others to it.


Using this technique, and working practice at the show, we were able to capture every celebrity’s eyes straight in to the camera once they were in front of the media backdrop.


Have a browse of the gallery bellow to view other images caught at the awards.