Ecolite Product Shoot

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We had the pleasure of being commissioned to shoot a new laser product on behalf of Ecolite. Who are Ecolite I hear you ask?


They are: – A revolution in compact IPL technology – The leading-edge compact IPL system designed with beauty therapists, spas and medical professionals in mind. Greenton (London) has harnessed decades of expertise in the development and manufacture of laser systems for the industrial and medical industries to produce the Ecolite V9 IPL SYSTEM. By applying this unique combination of technological know-how backed by years of research in the aesthetic sector, we are able to offer one of the most advanced IPL systems available in the global beauty industry.


In preparation for an immanent beauty show taking place 7 days after the shoot, we were asked to turnaround the shoot within 3 days. Not being ones to let our clients down, A2Z Photography stepped in and arranged a 4 hour location shoot, with the use of our mobile studio too. Combining shots of the new machinery in situ, we proceeded to shoot 2 models using the new machine, and then went on to shoot the machine alone.


We made a selection of shots, and quickly realized that the laser within the hand unit would be difficult to shoot under studio conditions. In order to overcome this, we opted to shoot with a composite shot in post production in mind. We shot the hand piece in all its glory, and then went on to shoot the laser without any lighting. In post production we matched the laser heads together to give the illusion it was all shot as one piece.This was also a problem we found with the screen. Under our studio lights we found the screen wouldn’t expose correctly, so we shot two shots to create the above product shot. One of the unit, and one of the screen with no lighting. Then merged the two in post.


below is a gallery of some of the other results from the shoot: