London Fashion Week 2014 – Danish Wakeels “Retrogression”

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at the royal borough of Chelsea and Kensington, luxury British hotel Gore.
London Fashion Week (LFW) is one of the highest profile fashion events in the world. One of the Big Four international catwalk influencers.Fashion designer and high fashion model Danish Wakeel exhibited his brand new collection, “Retrogression”. A theatrical grandiose high fashion collection inspired by drugs, decadence and debauchery ! The designer was inspired by the era of 1920s, which he saw as a period of significant change for many Americans. After the U.S. emerged victorious from the Great War, an economic boom resonated throughout the land. Resultantly, what was once deemed a strong American work ethic quickly fell into a society based on partying, decadence and the pursuit of personal fulfillment. Danish was further inspired by the Irish writer and poet Oscar Wilde,who became known for his involvement in the rising philosophy of aestheticism. Known for his biting wit, flamboyant dress and glittering conversation,
Sponsored by ‘BERKELEY SQUARE MEDICAL’ http://www.berkeleysquaremedical.com/
PR by ‘LONDON MODEL ACADEMY’ http://www.londonmodelacademy.co.uk/
Creative direction by ‘HAUS OF PROJECTS’ http://hausofprojects.com/
Head MUA & Hair Designer from In-Ven-Tive. Ian Massa-Harris
Make Up sponsor for the Entire show- ‘TEN IMAGE’ : (http://seventaimage.com/)

Photography and results below are by Simon Tatler