Shak, Azra, & Mikhail Studio Shoot 2013

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Shak, Azra, & Mikhail Studio Shoot 2013

Shak and Azra have been family friends of the A2Z team, for a very long time, but this friendship was further enhanced when they entrusted their wedding to us. We had the pleasure of capturing some of the most elaborate and vibrant events and ceremonies we had ever witnessed. Fast forward a couple of years, and welcome Mikhail! Their beautiful son. It was an honour to be trusted once more with another timeless precious moment in their lives.

Shak_azra_mikael_blog_A2ZAn absolute treasure and gorgeous baby. Mikhail is one little guy who puts the myth of “never work with babies, children or pets”, totally to bed. Ensuring that the studio had been heated to a suitable temperature, from the moment he arrived Mikhail was an absolute gem.  Shak_azra_mikael_blog_A2Z

Shak & Azra had timed this shoot to perfection as he seemed to be in amazing spirits, and was completely comfortable with his new surroundings. We shot for an hour, and captured a number of different concepts, poses, and combinations of shots. A small selection of which are here. Shak_azra_mikael_blog_A2Z Shak_azra_mikael_blog_A2Z Shak_azra_mikael_blog_A2Z.

Check out a few more shots in our portfolio section to view more results from the session.

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