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Sit by me, my beloved, and listen to my heart; smile, for your happiness is a symbol of our future.

- Kahlil Gibran

Asian weddings are a unique melting pot of colours, vibrance, traditions, and happy faces! Each an every element and constituent of an Asian wedding having been methodically planned and executed to perfection, a vast amount of co-ordination takes place to ensure the event runs to plan and in line with cultural needs.

It is our role as memory makes, to ensure we capture every component of these specials days. Traditionally it is well known that Asian weddings pan a multitude of days, and this is where A2Z Photography comes in to its element.  Focusing on a photojournalist, contemporary documentary and chic style of photography, which can be tailored to compliment the style of your Asian wedding.  We build a rapport with familiar faces, and ensure every moment is captured in its entirety, A2Z Photography tells the story from start to finish, so that you can relive the memories over and over gain.

From the engagement (sagai), thru the mendis, mandvo/sathak, walima, traditional wedding ceremonies and through to the reception, A2Z Photography are available to document your special days. No two weddings are ever the same and therefore if our packages are not suitable to your every need, we can add or remove coverage as required, until a tailored package is established.

Contact A2Z Photography about your wedding, take a moment to browse through our work, and get in touch today to discuss how we can capture your memories from the most important day of your life!

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Hindu Wedding
Hindu Wedding Photography is an art form in itself, which A2Z Photography excel at. The Hindu wedding ceremony is an ornate, and ceremonial affair with a number of religious and cultural ceremonies conducted by a Mahrajh, Guru or Pundit. Historic and symbolic rituals are conducted in front of friends and family which allows for memorable moments to be captured.

Having collectively captured memories from over 300+ Hindu weddings, the A2Z Photography team is well versed in following the lead of the Mahrajh, and maintaining the utmost respect for all the rituals followed and conducted. We are there to visually capture the special moments that the bride groom wish to relive time and time again, once the event has passed.

Mendhi, Mandvo, Sathak, Pithi, Ganesh puja, Bridal entry, Kanyadaan, Varmala, Ganth bandhan, Agni puja, Shilarohana, Mangal fera, Laaj homa, Mangal sutra & sindoor, Saptapadi, Aashirwad: Our photographers are well versed with all elements constituting the Hindu ceremony and the prelude to it; Within our consultation time, A2Z Photography will run through all the ceremonies and rituals to be conducted throughout your wedding.
Islamic Wedding
Muslim weddings vary depending on the cultural and ritual events constituted within the wedding. Most Muslim weddings comprise of 2 mendi nights, a Nikah and a Walimah (reception), however there are other sects within the muslim faith who celebrate the joining of a couple with other supplementary celebrations such as a sagai, and madvos, along with a ghor thari the day after the wedding. A2Z Photography is happy to tailor a wedding photography package to cover your special day in its entirety.

Within other Islamic traditions there are communities that require a certain level of modesty, and this is where A2Z Photography offer a truly bespoke and unparelled service, that offers you the privacy you require. We have a number of female photographers in out team who offer a female only shooting and editing service too.

As an A2Z client of Islamic Wedding Photography, we endeavor to ensure you are never forced to make a compromise between having peace of mind and having beautiful memories of your new journey into married life.
Sikh Wedding
As with any Asian marriage, a Sikh marriage is a wonderful and joyous occasion for both the groom, the bride, their respected families and invited guests. The Sikh marriage takes place in the presence of Guru Granth Sahib Ji and is usually at a Gurdwara chosen by the bride’s family. It is these Gudwara’s that provide a beautiful ornate.

"They are not said to be husband and wife, who merely sit together. Rather they alone are called husband and wife, who have one soul in two bodies." (Guru Amar Das, Pauri, pg. 788)

The actual marriage ceremony itself only lasts about 20 minutes and as this is the time required to recite the four stanzas of Lavan, the marriage hymn composed by Guru Ram Das Ji. The Lavan tells the couple how they can help each other make the marriage a success. For each stanza of the Lavan, the groom and bride walk around the Guru Granth Sahib Ji, re-affirming that the Guru is the centre of their lives and that the sangat is there to witness the ceremony. After the couple have circled the Guru Granth Sahib Ji for the fourth time, the couple are married. Along side the actual ceremony a number of other events take place before and after the main ceremony. From the Milni through to post wedding ceremonies at the grooms house, A2Z Photography will be present to capture every moment and every memory in its entirety. We aim to build an understanding of your specific wants and needs, and build a relationship with you to ensure we capture that dream and make it a reality. Contact us today to and allow us to tailor you a quote to suit your needs.
Other Asian Wedding
From Arab, Buddhist, Oriental, Pilipino to any other form of Asian wedding, A2Z Photography have the highest caliber of photojournalistic, contemporary wedding photographers on our team.

Our teams are experts and professionals in capturing magical moments as they unfold. Be it composed of ceremonies in action, vibrant colours, laughs and expressions, interactions between bride/groom and immediate family, it is a memory that is in the making, and A2Z Photography as the memory makers, ensure to capture these vital flashes of wonder, in an instant.


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  • "I wouldn't hesitate to recommend A2Z Photography to you above all others. We had every accidental problem you could imagine on the day, including a church covered in scaffolding but the team used every piece of high tech kit and creative shooting available and have created masterpiece photographs! My whole family are amazed and delighted. We get so used to having poor service from companies that when I find a company who deliver genuine excellence I wasn't to make sure everyone knows about it! Contract A2Z Photography, I promise you will be glad you did." Locations: Traditional Church Wedding - Enfield Reception - The Church Museum, Westminster

    Katerina Renew
  • "We have just finished looking through our wedding album and I couldn't wait to write and say how amazingly beautiful the album is! Areez spent time with us understanding what we wanted, who our most important guests were and what details we really wanted captured. Even though the design looked great on screen, the actual album has surpassed all our expectations and takes us back to August 2014. We can't wait to show all our friends and family the album and the calendar was such a wonderful surprise. Thank you so much to Areez and his team for such a wonderful job!" Location(s): Kew Botanical Gardens

    Ashifa Trivedi
  • "We both really can't thank Areez enough for our amazing wedding photographs. Not only do his photos capture that very exciting time for us he perfectly captured the magic of our day in such an artistic way for us to look back on in the years to come. We knew that finding the right photographer for our wedding was one of the most important decisions we would take, so finding someone we could trust to capture the day in a style that felt right for us was a top priority. He made us and our guests feel very relaxed and open to having our pictures taken and the end results of receiving the photos back completely blew away us away. We have shown everyone our pictures and they have been so impressed. We cant thank him enough he made our special day one to remember and we can always look back at our photos anytime and love that we can slip back right into that moment! Areez is THE one to recommend to friends and family and will definitely staying in contact for future shoots” Location(s): Church Wedding in Wembley followed by Reception at Moor Park Mansions

    Priscilla & Dennis Reyes