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The world has transformed over recent years in to a cosmopolitan place, with a multitude of faiths living and working together in harmony. This has in turn given rise to the variety of weddings A2Z Photography have been hired to cover.

In 2012, A2Z Photography were contacted and commissioned to photograph our first Philipino/Filipino wedding for Gerald and Nicole Paloma. This was a beautiful, elegant affair with a lot of attention to detail. A team of three photographers covered the wedding, and the results have spoken for themselves. Both Bride and Groom have been appreciative of the memories captured, every time we speak to them. The truest testament is the 2 further bookings and 4 enquiries that followed the wedding. We now bring our own style and flavour to the mix when capturing Philipino/Filipino weddings, and pride ourselves on being able to turn our photographic skillset to any faith, ceremony and tradition of wedding.

All weddings are about the union of two people for the rest of their lives, and it is our pleasure and honour to be entrusted by the bride groom to record the day in all its glory. We take pride in being market leaders with a varied portfolio of weddings covering all faiths and beliefs.  Contact us today to discuss your requirements and we would be happy to meet for a consultation.

Many weddings comprise a multitude of events, and therefore no two weddings are generically the same. For this reason, we have come up with an intuitive system of packages and add ons, which allow our customers to tailor a package to their specific requirements.

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The Perfect Venue
Is there such a thing as a perfect venue? A2Z Photography have over 10 years experience of photographing weddings in the UK and internationally.

Pre-Wedding shoots at the 1490 Astronomical Clock in Prague, through to Post wedding shoots at Niagara Falls. With weddings being held at Manor halls, Country mansions, and grand reception halls alike, every wedding is special and unique to our brides & grooms. We ensure to capture the splendor of your venue, in it’s entirety and in the most flattering, and grandeur manner possible.

We have a list of shooting locations, and recommended venues where we have built working relationships, and are familiar with the grounds. Feel free to ask for suggestions during our consultation, as to where A2Z Photography would recommend for shoots to be held.
Planning A Venue
When it comes to planning your wedding, some are fortunate enough to be able to hire a planner, others have an amazing network of family and friends, but if like most, you have been left to handle the brunt of the logistics. There is one factor that mustn’t be overlooked. KEEP TIME ON THE DAY FOR TWO THINGS!

1- Keep enough time planned in the day, to enjoy everything as it happens,
2 – Allow time for your photographer to record and capture the moments you want!

Often enough it is assumed that magical pictures create themselves; and where it is true that most of the best photographers capture everything naturally, it also pays to have a set piece of lighting in situ, and allow the couple to engage and interact with each other. This can only be done, if adequate time is scheduled in to the day to allow for this.

With regards to florists, invites, outfits, halls, car rental, parks for shoots, or any other element of the planning process, feel free to ask our consultants for links to recommended industry partners, whom we have worked with previously.

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How long do we need for portraits on our wedding day?

A2Z Photography will work within the restraints of the schedules of your day. In the most ideal of situations, we recommend that between 1-1.5 hours are made available. We carry with us number of lighting solutions which take time to set up and test before we enact the portrait taking. Hence this time is for us to set up, in effect, a mobile studio on location, to capture your shots in the best light, and to make the magic happen.

Where do pre-wedding shoots take place?

We have a number of recommended shooting locations we have previously conducted our pre & post wedding shoots. Hyde Park, Barham Park, London Zoo, Northolt Hills, where ever the location, we are able to make it work. If you have a location, which is meaningful, and somewhere you would like to incorporate in to your wedding, we are happy to discuss the logistics and plan them in to your arrangements. In the event of a rained out day, rather than cancel the shoot, we have the A2Z Studio available as a contingency plan.

What happens if we run over the contracted time?

On a number of occasions, ceremonies, and events over run due to one reason or another. In moments like these, the last thing a bride & groom need is the photography team walking out of their wedding, as soon as the contracted time is done. This is why, our team use the most the tactful method available to inform a member of the bridal party, of the situation, and will continue shooting till a decision is made as to whether extra shooting time is required or not. At no point in time will an A2Z Photography team ever walk away from an event without saying farewells to the bride groom and making them fully aware that they are leaving. Above all, here at A2Z Photography we pride ourselves on leaving brides and grooms alike speechless, and left standing with smiles on their faces; Eagerly anticipating the pictures from the moment we leave the venue.


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What People Say

  • From the beginning, I really liked Areez’s approach,  the way in which he wanted to understand what was important to us and what we wanted to capture. Having seen the end result, he obviously understood us very well and the storybook we received was perfect. On the day of the event, I was very impressed  how Areez interacted with the guests and got people involved in the pictures. At other weddings I have seen photographers doing what I would call simply “taking pictures”, whereas Areez would go over to the aunties & uncles or the younger family members, and make them genuinely smile for the pictures and create moments. Overall, Areez is one of the most professional photographers I have met, and is the only one I have seen who seems to really enjoy being part of the wedding. He went the extra mile for us numerous occasions, and we are very grateful for this. I can’t thank you enough for all you have done for us and being an important part of our wedding.

    Vishal Hindocha Investment Consultant
  • "We have just finished looking through our wedding album and I couldn't wait to write and say how amazingly beautiful the album is! Areez spent time with us understanding what we wanted, who our most important guests were and what details we really wanted captured. Even though the design looked great on screen, the actual album has surpassed all our expectations and takes us back to August 2014. We can't wait to show all our friends and family the album and the calendar was such a wonderful surprise. Thank you so much to Areez and his team for such a wonderful job!" Location(s): Kew Botanical Gardens

    Ashifa Trivedi
  • We thoroughly enjoyed working closely with Areez and his team to ensure the long lasting memories of the most important event of our lives. Their entire team were a pure pleasure to work with from their professional manner to their friendly nature. They managed to capture all of the special moments perfectly. Our wedding albums have all turned out beautifully with an incredible finish and quality to it. Thank you Areez for all your hard work and effort in making the magical memories from our wedding last a lifetime!

    Tej Lalvani CEO & Director of Vitabiotics